Sunday, November 3, 2013

Speak up for democracy. Speak out against "Anonymous".

HACKER group Anonymous has posted an online video threatening to undermine key online infrastructure if the Government does not roll back its website licensing framework

I am puzzled by its use of coercion to pursue "democracy". Its violent means run counter to its goal of a more democratic Singapore.

It is robust, persuasive public discourse that is an essential element of a democratic society. Ideas are accepted because people are persuaded by them and not because they are threatened to believe them.
There is no lack of peaceful and democratic means for Anonymous to push its case. Hacking websites and disrupting public services are not ways to achieve change in a democratic society.

The group ought to discard its militant means, take away its cloak of anonymity and make its case honestly and fearlessly.

Ultimately, our democratic process cannot and should not be short-circuited. Anonymous' approach of coercion should roundly be rejected by society.Let's speak up for democracy. Let's speak out against "Anonymous".

*This article was published in The Strait Times on 2nd November. 

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